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Really Lame Inside Jokes
Dave And Jim

mtnclmbr66: r u wokrking today
wAeLTzy 5 30: nah
wAeLTzy 5 30: why
mtnclmbr66: wanna hang out
mtnclmbr66: jk
wAeLTzy 5 30: shuddup
wAeLTzy 5 30: ass
wAeLTzy 5 30: HAHA
wAeLTzy 5 30: WHAT AN ASS
wAeLTzy 5 30: yo im goin to ohio next week
mtnclmbr66: no..its like 8063 degrees outside and it would suck if you had to be in the greenhouses
mtnclmbr66: haha
mtnclmbr66: y
mtnclmbr66: ?
mtnclmbr66: hick?
mtnclmbr66: yes
wAeLTzy 5 30: cederpoint park
mtnclmbr66: niiiiiiiiice
wAeLTzy 5 30: and maybe rock and roll hall of fame
wAeLTzy 5 30: get your ass home
mtnclmbr66: do you have any idea how many rollercoasters are there
wAeLTzy 5 30: yeah like a million
wAeLTzy 5 30: im gonna ride em all
wAeLTzy 5 30: dude
wAeLTzy 5 30: its 109421847248 degrees outside
mtnclmbr66: there are 2 with a 325.23 turn followed by a triad twist!!
wAeLTzy 5 30: im gonna gp put some snowpants on
wAeLTzy 5 30: dude
mtnclmbr66: 8675309
mtnclmbr66: haha
mtnclmbr66: jenny ive got your number
mtnclmbr66: 9675309
mtnclmbr66: 8675309
wAeLTzy 5 30: they got some 75ers with a 19 split twist "s" curve on a 36er even-out ram spear
mtnclmbr66: ahhhhh
mtnclmbr66: sweet
mtnclmbr66: take pictures
mtnclmbr66: haha
mtnclmbr66: brb
wAeLTzy 5 30: and some 97 rickrack jooby splits with a nixnax runner on a 86 degree half twist
wAeLTzy 5 30: im gonna hafta wear my roller coaster gloves
wAeLTzy 5 30: and my special roller coaster boots
mtnclmbr66: hahahaha
wAeLTzy 5 30: its hardcore out there
mtnclmbr66: and my roller coaster sox and jock strap
wAeLTzy 5 30: haha
wAeLTzy 5 30: a roller coaster cup
mtnclmbr66: dont forget your chauncy restraint system
wAeLTzy 5 30: for those 3443 degree cock rockets
mtnclmbr66: and some reverse protectors
mtnclmbr66: hah
wAeLTzy 5 30: cock rockets
wAeLTzy 5 30: haha
mtnclmbr66: cuase you never know
wAeLTzy 5 30: reverse protectors
wAeLtzy 5 30: for the northern reticulated australian BOONSNAGGLE
mtnclmbr66: lmfao
mtnclmbr66: ahhhhhhhh
wAeLTzy 5 30: we should put this convo on our profile
mtnclmbr66: davy davy conkett, king of the wild frontier
mtnclmbr66: bedroom
mtnclmbr66: sorry
wAeLTzy 5 30: cause everyone would know exactly what we are talking
wAeLTzy 5 30: davy cunkett
mtnclmbr66: im doing it
wAeLTzy 5 30: kinfg of the wild bedroom
mtnclmbr66: lol
wAeLTzy 5 30: hahaha
wAeLTzy 5 30: boonsnaggle
mtnclmbr66: its too big to put on
wAeLTzy 5 30: duh
wAeLTzy 5 30: obviously
mtnclmbr66: just put it on your web site
mtnclmbr66: haha
wAeLTzy 5 30: haha hold on
mtnclmbr66: alright
mtnclmbr66: lol
wAeLTzy 5 30: keep sayin more stuff
wAeLTzy 5 30: while i ready up a new part of my page
mtnclmbr66: ill ready you up
mtnclmbr66: Yo, i was with my friend kevin on his front porch, and we were just standing there, and his mom came out and said "give your sister some ice cream" hes like "no you do it, i have back hair" so shes like "if you dont wise up, ill give you front hair!"
mtnclmbr66: true story i swear
mtnclmbr66: LOOK!!! mr. pfeil, mexicans
wAeLTzy 5 30: wow
wAeLTzy 5 30: thats funny
mtnclmbr66: she was soo serious
wAeLTzy 5 30: josh, clean the dishes
wAeLtzy 5 30: i cant, im fat
mtnclmbr66: hes like "that didnt make any sense, get inside"
mtnclmbr66: and she listend
mtnclmbr66: haha...
wAeLTzy 5 30: josh!
wAeLTzy 5 30: i cant
wAeLTzy 5 30: im fat
mtnclmbr66: haha...hes soo fat
mtnclmbr66: remember when doug ate the whlle pack of Oreos at Antietam
wAeLtzy 5 30: haha yeah
mtnclmbr66: lol
mtnclmbr66: he wouldnt let anybody have them
mtnclmbr66: remember when mr. pfeils car caught fire with us in it
wAeLTzy 5 30: haha yeah
mtnclmbr66: that sucked
mtnclmbr66: We need more ham!!! (mr. gilman)
mtnclmbr66: its like a pie...chris gilman
wAeLTzy 5 30: okok
wAeLTzy 5 30: hold up
wAeLTzy 5 30: im gonna put this on my site
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